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Los Angeles & Anaheim’s Preferred Solar Film Installer

At Tint Matters, we only carry the best-performing solar film brands available. Because the satisfaction of our customers matters. As a family-owned business, we do everything we can to make a difference in our community in Anaheim, Los Angeles, and everywhere else in Los Angeles County and Orange County. Our customers are the backbone of our business. That’s what drives us to provide quality, dependable services.

East and west-facing windows notoriously absorb and magnify the sun’s rays, which can cause houses to heat up quickly throughout the day, and retain that heat. Our UV glass film reduces excessive sun glare and temperature gain, and prevents the fading of interior furniture by blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. Our solar films even come with privacy features including one-way visibility and reflective film, which prevents onlookers from peeking in. 

Protect Your Interiors: Frosted Films for Los Angeles County & Orange County

Are you ready for that blasting summer sun and the constant hum of the A/C? Frosted films from Tint matters offer a noticeable reduction in your energy bill.

We apply our state-of-the-art frosted window films to your glass panes with precision to avoid bubbling or wrinkling. You’ll get a smooth finish and a cooler home the first time around. Enjoy the comfort of your home and office without penetrating rays of sun making you sweat—and tripling your energy bill. 

By installing a solar film, you aren’t just saving money. You’re also saving valuable energy. It’s the perfect solution for every building—from single-family homes to office buildings with several stories. Call Tint Matters today to learn about our affordable pricing options.

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