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Safety Film for Anaheim and Los Angeles Storefronts

Tint Matters helps protect your home or business with window safety films. Our family-owned operation has been committed to protecting homes and businesses in Anaheim and Los Angelesfor over a decade. We serve homes and businesses throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County.

Our safety films are designed to contain glass shards when the window’s integrity is compromised, either from an act of vandalism or violent weather. They are also cost-effective solution for crime prevention. The security window film impedes quick entry from an intruder through a window pane or glass door. The films can be applied with an optional feature—a silicone base all around the edges to ensure proper adhesion to the glass surface.

When unprotected window glass is broken, it shatters into innumerable shards, which can cause additional damage or harm. When you chose Tint Matters, we will come to your home or place of business and professionally install state-of-the-art safety film that will provide security, and more importantly, peace of mind—something you can’t put a price tag on.

Commercial Window Tinting that Reduces Burglaries in Los Angeles County and Orange County

Tint Matters is committed to protecting your business with our security-based commercial window tinting. Our clients are our proof. One of our current clients recalls a time when thieves targeted his jewelry store. The burglars struggled to smash in the glass because our client had Tint Matters’ security film adhered to his windows. After much effort, the thieves were able to break through, but not with enough time to escape the police, who caught the thieves inside the jewelry store, red handed.

Now, we are not saying our security window film is bulletproof, but it will deter burglars and make an opportune breaking-and-entering not worth the hassle. Our window film saves you money when you don’t have to replace entire glass panels that have endured blunt force.

Don’t leave the security of your home or business to chance. We will travel anywhere in Los Angeles County or Orange County. Call the professionals at Tint Matters today.

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